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Autocamp Naluka in Morinj

Rural tourism

Autocamp Naluka in Morinj

Rural tourism / Autocamp Naluka Morinj

Campsite between river and sea

Based on guidelines presented in WTO publication Sustainable Development of Ecotourism – a compilation of good practices, Tourism Organisation of Kotor is presenting a series of mini case studies on exemplary ecotourism business operations in Kotor and Boka Kotorska 


By Ivana Krivokapić

morinj kotor

Campsite pitches and mandarin orchard


Autocamp Naluka is located in Morinj, Kotor area. It is privately owned by Duško Milinović.

The number of campers, trailers, cars and tents permitted on the site is between 10 to 15. It’s operating on a private property of the campsite owner.

Terrain specificities and the position alongside the river, allow campground guests to access the sea via their own small boats, kayaks, canoes.


Autocamp Naluka has a long tradition going back almost a century. The first organised group of visitors, who arrived in 1928, consisted of about 60 Czech scouts. Due to the WW II and crisis, the camp worked intermittently until the 60s, when it started operating continuously, achieving authenticity and maintaining quality of service.

Financing / funds

Camp Naluka is financed from the bookings.

Environmental sustainability of the operation

Camp Naluka achieves energy efficiency by using solar panels for heating shower water. Vegetables, which guests can get in small quantities for free, are grown organically in the upper tier garden free of pesticides. The garden produces tomato, chard, lettuce, green beans and other species. Often guests participate in the process itself: working in the garden, picking fruits. There are also one hundred olive trees, some of which are shaped into live fencing, as well as two hundred mandarin trees.

The permitted number of pitches is never exceeded. Some guests are able to take advantage of the location alongside the river that flows into the bay, in their own kayaks and dinghies, an excellent way of exploring islets and local beaches.

The owner applies partial waste recycling: glass and plastic are disposed of separately. Organic waste is used for compost. The owner is hoping to extend the recycling waste disposal organised by Public Utilities and Waste Disposal Company.

Work needs to be done on electricity, water supply and gray water disposal facilities, plus improved waste recycling for cardboard, cans and batteries. The owner has already contacted local authorities on this regard.

Social sustainability

The local community benefits from the residence tax – this cash inflow is used for planting, landscaping, sidewalks maintenance.

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability is achieved through the internet and by word-of-mouth. Guests are obtaining information via user-generated content on travel websites, and search engines. The owner points out that he relies on high quality ratings on Tripadvisor. The campsite is also featured in the Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC) catalog, the largest motoring association in Germany and Europe; as well as in their association of campers, but also campers association of Netherlands.

User opinion

Quotes from Blanche

Blanche enjoys travelling and camping with her partner Steve and dog Stella. Together they run a blog about experiences and people they meet along the way. They embarked on their great caravan adventure in 2019, starting with France, Spain next, then Italy and Croatia. They’ve been in Autocamp Naluka since May 2021.

About the owner

Dušan is on the site all the time, but certainly is not intrusive. He keeps all the lawns mown, and if anything goes wrong or breaks down, he has it repaired immediately. He is always on hand to help translate when people come on site selling local produce from the boot of their cars; he seems to make sure that he looks after the visitors on the campsite which makes us feel very safe at Camp Naluka. Additionally he has a wealth of local information and contacts for whatever you need or want.

About the campground

We are on one of the seven pitches directly on the islet, three of which have their own mooring, which leads to the bay, our view is spectacular, plus we have our own private terrace and mooring for our inflatable dinghy. There is a general boat slip way for campers without a pitch on the islet and from the camp site it is just across the road to the beach.

It’s been a few weeks since I left a glowing review on Trip Advisor and we’re still enjoying Camp Naluka, in fact even more so as we get to know the area, Montenegro and local people. The pitches are really good sized and Dušan can accommodate quite large caravans (as we have) and motor homes. I don’t think he’s ever had to turn anyone away.

These are pictures of a converted fire engine!

There does not seem to be many campsites in Montenegro. To be in the middle of nowhere works for some people in Motorhomes, as they have their own on board water supply, if they’re on budget or want to wild camp. However, for us in a caravan to be able to walk to local restaurants, the post office, supermarket and grocery store, bus stop and water taxi is just marvellous. I think it’s especially important for campers in Motorhomes to have facilities within walking distance as they don’t have a car for transport as we do. From what we’ve seen of other campsites we are delighted to have found Camp Naluka.

The campsite has a main gate for vehicular access, and a pedestrian gate to the road, both locked at night, but special arrangements can be made for late evenings. Generally, we feel secure for ourselves, our vehicle, caravan and outdoor furniture. This campsite is really well organised and personally run by Dušan.

Generally campsites are not near a beach, but tucked away so Camp Naluka almost being on the beach with the Bay, bars, restaurants, and shops available within a short walk is quite exceptional and certainly appreciated by us.

About the facilities

The facilities for washing up are excellent with ‘troughs’ instead of sinks and drying racks. Normally campsites provide conventional sinks without much space to move in and often washing of BBQ’s is forbidden.  I haven’t seen the trough arrangement before, it’s kept spotlessly clean and is wonderful to work in.

So far as the showers and toilets are concerned they are a little dated.  However, again, each unit is kept clean and I’m more concerned about clean units than the age of them. The main showers have solar heated water, but when the weather isn’t hot enough to heat the water, there is an electric shower to use as an alternative.

Often, at campsites the hot water is regulated to a set temperature which cannot be adjusted and its usually warm, rather than hot. Here at Camp Naluka each shower has a thermostat control so its wonderful to choose a temperature as hot as we want or indeed cold.  It is also great at the washing up area to be able to select hot when washing greasy pots and pans and cold for rinsing.

At the back of the campsite there is a washing machine, which is very important to us. Often they are operated with coins or tokens, but with this one your usage is logged by Dušan which makes it totally convenient to use. There is also a laundry drying area, adjacent to the vegetable garden which we like as we don’t have to rig up an unsightly laundry line by our caravan.

There is a very large car port which campers in tents or small units can use to take shelter from cold, or heavy rain if the weather is inclement.

Every pitch is comfortable. If any of these people in the prime position go, anybody here would go straight in.

Things that need to be improved

This campsite has a chemical toilet, which works well, but is also the waste for grey water. As waste units are heavy it’s a bit of a slog to have to lift them over the waste disposal unit.  The campsite could really do with a ground based drain for grey water.

The electricity power supply is excellent.  We can have several electrical units working and not have to worry about tripping it.

There is only one water point, which we can live with. Many campsites are now upgrading to fully serviced pitches which means each pitch has its own electricity supply and grey waste water disposal.

Montenegro has an abundant supply of fresh spring water, and there is such a supply on the campsite so there is no need to buy bottled water.

The sinks allocated for hand washing and laundry do not have a hot water supply so I think that’s an area to improve on.

On recycling – for us, generally, we would like to be able to recycle more items, which is what we are used to, than just plastics and glass. We would like to be able to recycle paper, cardboard, batteries, food waste and cans, but also clothing and shoes.

Quotes from Robert

Robert is motorhoming site editor on Facebook.

“Another lovely clean site. Dušan is very helpful. The facilities are fine which is what we looked for when we were going to sites. We are looking for clean facilities, and tidy; and big pitches, he has really good pitches here. Some of the sites we’ve visited in Croatia are a little bit small.

Dušan comes around every evening I’d say, and makes sure you’re ok. We were staying here for two days, we are now day number twelve. So we’re not rushing away from the place. I would tell anybody about the place.  We have a motorhoming site on Facebook. People are always travelling around and asking where could we go next, and this is certainly the one I would recommend to people. Me and my partner we also like jumping in buses, and we like exploring not knowing where we are going, and buses are really reasonably priced here. Time table wise they are not scheduled, but this doesn’t matter to us.

If people are here with their children, there are a lot of things to see on the water, like little ducklings, the water is so clear, you can see all the fish swimming around”.


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