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kotor language


Italian in Kotor



There are still many Italian words that slightly changed through centuries assuming specificities of local language

However, Dalmatian or Dalmatic language, extinct in 19th century, that undoubtly was used in Boka Kotorska, was a truly romance language.

Today, Dalmatic and Italian/Venetian words which survived strong slavic word shaping influences can be heard anywhere.

Here are some of them that vividly illustrate the local cultural specificities.

Feštađuni. People of Kotor call themselves feštađuni – from Italian festeggioni – they are party people and like to rejoice!

Ćakuloni. They are also ćakuloni – word of Venetian origin ciacolaio meaning chatterbox, but with a positive undertone refering to a light-hearted person that spreads news and comments on peoples lives, without malice.

Škerco is another word of Italian origin (scherzo – jest), refering to a person joking with benevolent humor.

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