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wildlife conservation tours : image of dolphins in the the crystal blue water

Blue Operation: Wild Life Conservation Tours

Join us in preserving marine life.

Join us in preserving the marine biodiversity of the Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic Sea. Sign up for our responsible boat tours that offer an unforgettable experience.


The Bay of Kotor faces noise pollution, and hazards caused by the irresponsible operation of vessels. Violations of speed and navigation rules not only endanger humans but also the entire marine ecosystem.


This type of behavior not only affects humans but also poses a threat to numerous animals who have been run over, injured, or forced out of their natural habitats. The decline in fish population and the increasing number of turtles being harmed are direct consequences of uncontrolled rides in the bay, which have yet to face adequate penalties. Regrettably, irresponsible individuals persist in wreaking havoc in the bay, causing further damage.

Make a contribution!

Help adoption of sustainable practices in the boat tour niche by choosing responsible drivers who follow speed regulations.

You can have an impact on preserving marine biodiversity by joining leisurely boat tours that offer opportunities for fascinating encounters with local marine life.


During each boat tour, you’ll be accompanied by one or two experts in marine mammals who will enhance your journey with educational stories.


Contribute to the conservation of the marine ecosystem in the Bay of Kotor. Be the catalyst for meaningful change!

Equipment We Use

Experience Marine Life with a Hydrophone

  • Get an up-close experience of marine life on our boat tours using a hydrophone.
  • Listen to the real-time sounds of dolphins and other marine creatures in the Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic Sea.
  • Our knowledgeable guides will provide insights into dolphins’ unique vocalizations, enhancing your understanding of the marine ecosystem.

Wildlife Conservation Tours

Take Action Now

Join the adventure with purpose. Sign up for responsible boat tours and make a difference for our oceans.


Write us at blue.operation@dmad.org.tr or contact us via whatsapp.

Bottlenose in the Bay of Kotor

In the bay, there are multiple families of bottlenose dolphins that visit for feeding purposes. We often spot them during our leisurely boat tours, and there are plenty of videos showcasing the joy of these encounters.

However, irresponsible boat operations present a significant threat to these dolphins, and here's why.

Sound is vital to dolphins, serving as their primary sense, much like how we rely on our eyes.
However, the noise generated by boats can impair their ability to hear, essentially rendering them “blind” to their surroundings.
This poses a significant danger as they may be unable to protect themselves from nearby boats, leading to injuries or even death.
Dolphins rely on sound to hunt for their prey.
If their environment is excessively noisy, it disrupts their hunting abilities, potentially resulting in starvation and illness.
Continued marine traffic pressure can force dolphins to either avoid the area or leave their natural habitat.
Mother and calf pairs share a close bond and depend on each other. When boats approach too closely, there is a risk of separating the calf from its mother, which can have detrimental effects on their well-being.

"Silent Spots"

There are no "silent spots" left in the entire Mediterranean Sea, including the Bay of Kotor.

Due to various human activities, such as shipping, recreational boating, and underwater construction, the marine environment is constantly subjected to noise pollution. This noise can significantly impact marine life, including dolphins, by disrupting their natural behaviors, communication, and feeding patterns.


The absence of “silent spots” means that dolphins in the Bay of Kotor and the wider Mediterranean Sea are constantly exposed to anthropogenic noise, which can harm their well-being and overall ecosystem health.


Efforts to mitigate noise pollution and create quieter areas within the marine environment are crucial for the conservation and protection of marine life, including dolphins.

How You Can Help

Here are some actions you can take

⚓️  Choose boats that operate at a moderate speed. The ideal speed around dolphins is 4 knots.

🔄  Avoid boats that make sudden and unpredictable maneuvers. Maintain a steady course and avoid changing direction near dolphins.

🐬  Keep a safe distance from wildlife. Maintain a minimum distance of 100 meters, respecting the no-approach zone. Allow dolphins to approach you by slowing down the boat if they show interest.

🌊  Reduce unnecessary consumption and minimize the use of single-use plastics. Making conscious choices about your consumption habits helps reduce pollution and its impact on marine ecosystems.

The Sea Guardians

5 Intriguing Facts

🚩  Flagship: Dolphins signify the presence of marine biodiversity. If you spot a dolphin in a body of water, it indicates the existence of diverse species and important habitats that need protection.

🌊  Sea shepherds: Dolphins drive fish from deep waters towards the coast, leading to increased fishing opportunities for fishermen.

🔧  Engineer: Dolphins stir up the sea much like you stir a soup. Their varied diet in different habitats helps bring up nutrients from the depths to the surface.

🌍  Climate warriors: Dolphins store significant amounts of carbon in their bodies, and when they sink to the seafloor after their death, they prevent its release into the atmosphere for years.

🙏  Spiritual guardians: Throughout human history, dolphins have been revered for their association with sea gods and their reputation for saving humans in danger.

We can all make a difference.

Enjoy the country’s natural beauty and support research to preserve the wildlife.

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