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morinj kotor


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Place with longstanding, rich history written by skilled seamen, participants of numerous sea battles and achievements which helped open new merchant routes

Morinj is the largest settlement on the western coast of Kotor-Risan Bay. The first Primary School in Boka, still active, is built in 1803. The first library was founded in 1843. Famous seafarers’ family Milinović distinguished itself in the sea battles, but also as cannon constructors. The Church of S. Tryphon dates back to the 14th century, while the Church of St. John the Apostle, built on the hill above the settlement in the 18th century. Morinj boasts a fine gravel beach. However, if you decide to visit a picturesque village of Upper Morinj (480 msl) you will enjoy one of the spectacular views of the bay.