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Kotor getting around Old town Montenegro

Old Town – Kotor Montenegro

Under the mount Lovćen



Kotor Old Town was built by centuries of adaptation to the nature

Old Town Kotor is situated at the foot of the mount Lovćen, Montenegro.

Although there is material evidence that people lived in the immediate vicinity of the present historical center in the 6th century BC, the first records of the town of Kotor date from the 1st century AD.

It is believed that in the period from the 3rd to the 5th century, the inhabitants of the fertile valley Grbalj, under the invasion of barbarians, sought shelter in the inaccessible slopes of the mountain Lovćen and built the first settlements on the hill above Kotor-

The name itself, in the Greek variant Decaterum, appears setek in records from the 7th century.

In the north it is bordered by the river Škurda.

From the south and west by the sea and the swirling exsurgence of Gurdić the submarine spring.

Kotor wasn’t planned. It arose spontaneously, and that is why it is characterized by extremely irregular forms.

By building objects according to current needs, irregular streets were created, none of which are of the same width.

Within the walls, the streets of Kotor do not have their own names, but sort of nicknames. Particularly characteristic is the name of the street Let-me-pass (Pusti-me-proć).

The squares are asymmetrical – there is almost no right angle.

These were named mainly after the goods sold or stored on them: Salad Square, Flour Square, Milk Square, Arms Square.

However, in every larger open space that has become a square, there is a center – to which all imaginary lines and all views aspire.

Often these are churches, of which there were about 50 in Kotor in the period from the 13th to the 20th century, and which disappeared for various reasons, most often due to four catastrophic earthquakes, which occured from the 14th century and onwards.

What visually holds all this construction together, as in a stone embrace, are the ramparts that were one of the reasons for the inclusion of Kotor on the World Heritage List.

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Photographs and stories of the old Kotor The old and new photographs present a tour of Kotor's vibrant history The North Gate The Sea Gate March 17, 2022 HISTORY IN PICTURES By Ivana Krivokapić The South Gate This city gate is located at the very southern end of the former main town street, which starts at the North Gate, and passes at the foot of the hill San Giovanni. This entrance even has a system of three READ MORE March [...]

Donji Stoliv – Gornji Stoliv Hiking Trail

Donji Stoliv - Gornji stoliv Hiking Trail Author: Marko Janković Gornji Stoliv hiking trail - view of the St. Elijah church and the bay Donji Stoliv - Gornji Stoliv is considered easy to moderately difficult hike. The trail starts in Donji Stoliv (Lower Stoliv) near the Post Office. Donji Stoliv is a village with rich history. It is attractive not only because of the architecture and the history, but also because of its geographical position that offers many views of [...]

Kotor Montenegro Images

History In Pictures: The Sea Gate

The Sea Gate Kotor had three main entrances to the Old town: South, Sea and North town gates. Adapted from Sto kotorskih dragulja by Jovan J. Martinović The Sea Gate For centuries Kotor was accessed from the west only by boat. There was no road in front of the town walls, because the port – Marina - was located there. The main town gate was accessed only by sea. As can be seen from the picture, there was a loggia [...]

History In Pictures: The North Gate

North Gate Kotor had three main entrances to the Old town: South, Sea and North town gates. Adapted from Sto kotorskih dragulja by Jovan J. Martinović The North Gate - View of the bridge on the river Škurda The northern gate is located along the river Škurda, also called Fiumara, which springs from the steep cliffs of Pestingrad hill and branches off in two arms. The southern arm of the river flows along the northern sector of the ramparts, and [...]

Restobar Taraca

Restaurants / Restobar Taraca Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menu Restaurant "Taraca" is located in Tabačina and we are the only one in the city that offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, also with a large selection of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Content: Vegetarian / vegan / gluten free food Credit cards accepted Wi-Fi Access for persons with disabilities Alcoholic drinks Terrace by the river Pet friendly LGBTQ Safe Space Explore Tourist Offer in Kotor HISTORY [...]

Slobodni penjači Cetinje

Canyoneering / Slobodni penjači Cetinje Slobodni Penjači Cetinje Exploring The Škurda Canyon {{ vc_btn: title=Make+a+Call%3A+Dejan+Popovi%C4%87&color=vista-blue&link=url%3Atel%253A%2520%252B38267432409 }} Website: Slobodni penjači Cetinje Alpine sports club Slobodni penjači Cetinje started in 2015. However, it has  been operating under the same name since 2013. In the last 9 years they organised many mountaineering, canyoning, speleology, snowboarding and hiking activities in general. Among significant achievemnts of the club are the ascents to Mont Blanc (2015), Matternhorn Lion Ridge (2016), two attempted ascents to North face [...]

Kotor – Špiljari – Žanjev Do Hiking Trail

Kotor - Špiljari - Žanjev Do Hiking Trail Author: Expedtitio View of the old Montenegrin serpentine road and the town of Kotor from the top of the mountain pass The difficulty of the trail is estimated medium, and it's advisable to start early in the morning. One third of the trail passes through a rich pine forest. This is one of the most attractive hiking trails in the Natural and Cultural-Historical Area of ​​Kotor Kotor-Njeguši-Cetinje. It has long been the [...]

Story Of Our Lady Of The Rocks

Legends and myths / Our Lady of the Rocks The story of the origin of Our Lady of the rock How the island came to existence after a storm and miraculous appearance of an icon. For thousands of years, next to the St. George island, at a stone's throw, there was a crag whose spike protruded from the sea. It stood alone and bathed in the sea, and the fish in depths were its only company. Suddenly a miracle happened, [...]

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Last updated: February 21, 2022 This Privacy Policy describes Our policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of Your information when You use the Service and tells You about Your privacy rights and how the law protects You. We use Your Personal data to provide and improve the Service. By using the Service, You agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy has been created with the […]

Gracijela Čulić

Meet Our Locals / Gracijela Čulić History and testimonies of the Kotor idiom The speech of Kotor has always been specific. It was created in accordance with social changes that resulted predominantly from the mixing of the Roman and Slavic linguistic strata. The Roman and Slavic linguistic and cultural heritage of Kotor, pervaded with syncretism of the heritage of other peoples who lived in Boka, surrounded Gracijela from early days and intrigued her during her youth. She obtained her degrees [...]

Dolores Bonić Fabian Gašler

How To Fall In Love With Kotor All images of childhood and growing up are long remembered and relived. In Dolores's case, she uses all these images as an excellent material to enrich the job she does and which she adores. With a lot of love, positive energy and self-confidence, she points out that it is true when it is said that when you do what you love, it is no longer a job, but the way of enjoying life. [...]

Jovan Martinović

Kotor - Montenegro's gate to Europe Archaeologist and polyglot, author of numerous articles, discussions and books in the field of archeology, maritime affairs and medieval history By Veliborka Dragomanović We asked Jovan what sets Kotor apart from other cities. The specificity of the moment we are in, as well as the awareness of the need to dedicate ourselves even more to the preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage, led us to ask our interlocutor to tell us how [...]

Liset Rios de Kuhar

Liset Rios de Kuhar Hello, I am glad your travels will take you to around Kotor and gorgeous Montenegro. I am certain you will love your visit to Kotor, and all the other areas of this small, however breathtakingly beautiful country, just like I did before it became the place I now call home! Let me tell you a bit about myself, I visited Montenegro for the first time over ten years ago, when my boyfriend asked me to visit [...]

Sister Cities

The Sister Cities program advocates that every community, individual, organisation, be given the opportunity to contribute to international relations, and influence world peace. This is achieved through collaboration in the arts, music, youth programs, and other activities in which any individual or community-affiliated organisation can participate. Despite the geographical distance, Kotor has established cooperation with the following cities. Many, like Kotor, due to their unique characteristics, are recognized as part of the world's cultural heritage. Campomarino Cooastal town belonging to [...]


Strengthening, innovation and promotion of the nautical tourism offer and cultural heritage by cross-border cooperation – NAUTICA CBC Financiranje/Funding: The project is co-financed by ERDF and IPA II funds of the European Union. Projekt je sufinanciran sredstvima EFRR i IPA II fondova Europske unije. Program/Programme: Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro (Interreg IPA CBC) Priority axis: PA 3/Contributing to the development of tourism and preserving cultural and natural heritage. Trajanje/Duration: 01/03/2021 - 31/01/2023 Iznos [...]

Kotor Craft Beer Festival

Events / Kotor Craft Beer Festival Domestic beers and small craft breweries Kotor Craft Beer Festival "Špina" is the first and only festival in Montenegro dedicated to the promotion and popularisation of domestic beers and small craft breweries. The first edition was held in mid-August 2018 at the Cinema Square in the Old Town. On this occasion, eight craft breweries presented their beers, and visitors could taste about 30 different types and styles of beer (IPA, American pale ale, Blonde, [...]

Getting around Kotor

Getting Around Kotor In Kotor, there is a local city bus running every hour. Departures towards Kostanjica start at 6.15 at Škaljari Novo Naselje. Tickets are sold by the driver, and the price, depending on the distance, ranges from 1 to 2.50 euros. Here you may find the price range. The schedule of departures for locations in the bay and to Dragalj you may find on this location. On Sundays, departures are scheduled at odd hours from Novo Naselje (Škaljari), [...]

Bay of Kotor Fortifications

Guides / Fortifications in Bay of Kotor Boka Kotorska - Southernmost Austro- Hungarian Fort     The fortress functioned as a place prepared for circular defense in order to protect the population, close a route, or as a base and support for offensive actions. It usually had a permanent crew and weapons. The role, significance, shapes and objects of the fortress changed depending on the concept of warfare, the range and the destructive power of weapons. In Montenegro, the most [...]

Roman Night

Events / Roman Night Gladiator combat, fire eating and many more   The idea is to point at the importance of history and archaeology in tourism, as well as to foster culturo-touristic offer, at the same time contributing to an international promotion of the ancient Risan through presentation of culture and local Roman tradition Last days of July Risan Gladiator combat with wooden practice swords and shields, tug of war, throwing in walnuts, Roman clothing sessions are the central part [...]

Churches in Kotor

Guides / Churches Churches in Kotor       It is believed that in Kotor in the period from the 13th to the 20th century there were about 50 churches that disappeared due to various causes, mostly in the catastrophic earthquakes, the last of which occurred in 1979 Of the remaining churches, many have lost their original purpose. The Baroque Church of St. Joseph was originally a school for young girls who could not attend the grammar school. Church of [...]


Guides / Risan Oldest settlement   Risan is mentioned in the 3rd century AD as a fortified Illyrian town _____________________________________________________________________ By Vilma Kovačević, archaeologist The Town of Risan, situated in the inner section of Boka Kotorska Bay and surrounded by high mountains always constituted a strategically well positioned place for urban development. The abundance of fresh water and good spot for the docking of ships had also been particularly conducive to this. Already Classical authors mention Risan as related to [...]


Guides / Perast Hometown of famous captains       Perast is a picturesque village opposite to Verige Strait, regarded the strait as the entrance to Kotor – Risan Bay Owing to its geographic position and specific microclimate, Perast has more sunshine and less rainfall than other places in the bay. This was confirmed by measurements - Perast receives on average around 1 700 mm of rainfall or 1 500 mm less than Risan, only three kilometres away! Because of [...]

Orahovac and Dražin Vrt

Guides / Orahovac and Dražin Vrt Fishermen villages   Orahovac is known for its greenery, gravel beaches and maritime tradition One of the jaw-dropping views of the Kotor bay one can enjoy from a rock near a church right up the village. In this church, named after the Saint George, there are frescoes from the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th century. Similarly to Ljuta, Upper Orahovac was destroyed during the World War II. The houses were [...]


Guides / Ljuta Small village and angry river     Ljuta is a small picturesque place which got its name by a nearby river Ljuta in Serbo-Croatian means “angry”, which derives from the huge amount of water that flows ferociously into the sea after torrential rains. The River Ljuta makes the northern frontier of Dobrota. Its source – the Eye - is the canal which this river flows from, and its depth is about 100 metres. Minimum profusion of the [...]


Guides / Dobrota About goodness     Lots of sun, many springs and mild climate of this area, probably influenced the origin of the name of Dobrota, which in Serbo-Croatian means goodness The inhabitants of Dobrota distinguished themselves, not solely as seamen, but also as warriors, participating in the famous battles. Moreover, Dobrota is known for its captains’ houses, which surrounded by “emerald waters and soaring mountains rival anything in the Italian lakes” The oldest preserved monument is the Church [...]

Hiking and Trekking

See & do / Hiking and trekking Welcome to the Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor   The Natural and Culturo-Historical region of Kotor, part of the Bay of Kotor, is one of over 1000 sites from around the world that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List of places with outstanding value to humanity     Author: Expeditio The harmonious relationship between the impressive nature of the bay and diverse and rich cultural heritage, which has been shaped and [...]

Škaljari and Trojica

Guides / Škaljari and Trojica Kotor's suburb   Škaljari is welknown Kotor’s suburb the second by the number of inhabitants in the Municipality of Kotor Škaljari is welknown Kotor’s suburb the second by the number of inhabitants in the Municipality of Kotor. Once an industrial settlement, up until 1st May 1987, when the industry moved to the Industrial Zone in Grbalj, Škaljari is nowadays a sports and medical centre of Kotor. It is known by its cemetery. The oldest preserved [...]


Guides / Muo Fishing specialties and fishermen nights    Well-known fishing village, mentioned as such in the 15th century documents Farther on towards Kotor, there is Muo, a well-known fishing village, mentioned as such in the 15th century documents stored in Kotor Historical Archives. Besides, some words and names used by the inhabitants of Muo in their fishing vocabulary are of Greek and Roman origin, which indicates that the fishing tradition in this place is very old. The Church of [...]

Kostanjica and Verige Strait

Guides / Kostanjica and Verige Strait Green oasis of chestnut tree   Last in the sequence of settlements in the northern part of Kotor – Risan Bay This settlement of fishermen and seafarers is becoming more and more interesting for tourists. This is the end of the inhabited part of this section of Kotor-Risan Bay, going in direction of Herceg-Novi. The coast continues towards Verige Strait, where there is the so called Turkish Promontory, named so because this area had [...]

Strp and Lipci

Guides / Strp and Lipci Fishermen and legends   Former seamen and fishermen settlement, nowadays Strp and Lipci are more recognized as summer resorts Strp is a village along the road from Risan to Herceg Novi, some 3 km away from Risan. In itssubmarine area, an archaeological site was found dating back to the 4th – 7th century. Farther on, we come to the settlement called Lipci (50 inhabitants). There is a rock shelter there on the wall of which [...]


Guides / Sopot Along the Adriatic Highway, there is Sopot cave, with the opening of 12 m wide and up to 4 m high A corridor of similar dimensions stretches inside the cave, but after some twenty meters it widens up to 20–30 metres with the height declining to 2.5 metres. During the melting of snow in the hinterland, or heavy rainfalls, water gushes out of the cave opening and partly also through its submarine canal, discharging water up to [...]


Guides / Krivošije Risan hinterland   It's an area of deep karst, covered by thick deposits brought by the glaciers from Mount Orjen Krivošije plateau makes Risan hinterland, and it is an area of deep karst, covered by thick deposits brought by the glaciers from Mount Orjen (1895 m) coming down through its beds (waves) towards Dragalj and Grahovo. Krivošije plateau is covered in beech forests, which on higher slopes of Mount Orjen turn into Bosnian pine tree forests, typical [...]

Our Lady of the Rock and Saint George

Guides / Our Lady of the rock and St. George Pearls of Boka kotorska   St. George is a natural island with an homonymous twelfth century church, and a graveyard where natives of Perast were buried during the past.The islet of Our Lady of the Rock is an artificial island created by sinking stones and old sailing vessels around a crag There is a legend associated with St. George and its graveyard, the legend about the unfortunate love between two [...]

Kotor Walls

See & do / Kotor walls The best viewpoints over the bay   They are one of the main reasons for the inscription of this city and its natural and cultural-historical area on the list of world and natural heritage UNESCO 1979   Like the city itself, they were formed gradually, over the centuries, from the Illyrian hillfort to the present form defined during the 17th and 18th centuries. Walls are an example of a construction through understanding and respect [...]

Art and Culture

Where the East met the West     Painting in Boka Kotorska has a very long tradition. This is confirmed by the examples of artistic expression on the cave walls at Lipci, created in the prehistoric era. The floor mosaics in Risan, dating back to the 2nd century AD, with the image of Hypnos, God of Dreams, are considered the most beautiful examples of floor painting in this region Fresco painting has also got a long tradition, but only fragments [...]


Guides / Grbalj Beaches and coves of Luštica   In the west, the terrain turns into a steep coast with many coves and well-known beaches Grbalj Plain stretches for 15 km in the direction north-south and covers the area of around 95 km2. From the east, Grbalj Plain is enclosed with the slopes of Mount Lovćen, where there are the following villages: Dub, Sutvara, Nalježići, Pelinovo, Šišići, Prijeradi, Bratešići, Gorovići, Lastva Grbaljska, (za svako selo link I ponuda) all of [...]


Guides / Prčanj Ideal climate at the foot of Mount Vrmac   Specific topographic position enables the mixing of the marine and mountain air, a confirmed natural treatment factor in Prčanj for more than one century Driving along the coast, one reaches a famous settlement called PRČANJ (1 128 inhabitants), which has “grown together” with Lower Stoliv for the reason of intensive construction activity. Formerly, just like in the case of other settlements in Kotors – Risan Bay, Prčanj had [...]


Guides / Stoliv Luxuriant nature of mount Vrmac   Stoliv is surrounded by chestnut tree forest. It is also a town where the camellia, far east flower brought to the bay by its sailors, took root The road leading along the coast, along the foot of the peninsula and mountain of Vrmac (768 m), takes you to Lower Stoliv – a village, on the north-eastern side of Vrmac peninsula, opposite to Perast. The village was created with the process of [...]


Guides / Morinj Springs and forests   Place with longstanding, rich history written by skilled seamen, participants of numerous sea battles and achievements which helped open new merchant routes It is said that the archives of the Morinj and Kostanjica principalities have disappeared. Some documents were even used as wrapping paper in town shops. However, Morinj is mentioned as a village in Dalmatia first time in the 14th century. Legend has it that it was once called Dobro Selo (Good [...]

Kotor Montenegro

Hiking paradise Activities Harmonious realtionship between the nature and rich cultural heritage of Kotor, created and maintained through centuries, makes this area cultural landscape of exceptional values. Show more Meet our locals People From Grbalj, through the Old town, Perast and Risan, until you reach the mysterious hinterland of the Bay of Kotor, you will discover gems of human creation with deep respect for nature, and magical spontaneity of local people. Show more Kotor Montenego - Old Town Centuries young  Two [...]