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Hiking paradise


Harmonious realtionship between the nature and rich cultural heritage of Kotor, created and maintained through centuries, makes this area cultural landscape of exceptional values.

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From Grbalj, through the Old town, Perast and Risan, until you reach the mysterious hinterland of the Bay of Kotor, you will discover gems of human creation with deep respect for nature, and magical sponataneity of local people.

Kotor Old town

Centuries young

 Two different cultures, East and West, exerted influences one on the other, leaving their traces in art and culture, while staying so close, permeating and respecting each other.

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12000 ha
UNESCO protected area
Mount Lovćen higest point
5000 mm
Annual rainfall in Crkvice
105,50 km
Bay of Kotor shoreline lenght
Endemic plant species in Montenegro

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See & do

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Old town

Our Special Offer

Blue Operation: Wildlife Conservation Tours

Indulge in leisurely rides accompanied by marine mammal specialists. 🌟 Learn about the lives of dolphins in this remarkable sanctuary. As summer approaches and the bay teems with plentiful fish, dolphin sightings become an everyday delight. 💙 Support sustainable tourism and actively engage in safeguarding the marine ecosystem with us!


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