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kotor local people

Meet our Locals

Magical spontaneity of local people


Today, when we are all in a hurry, when our pace of living is dictated by technology, we long for a complete relaxation, recalling the almost proverbial simplicity of the past. Most of all, we want people with whom we can easily connect. Those are Montenegrinspeople incredibly easy to love. But before we present you with our art and history, let us explain you what kola fjaka means

This expression, originally from Italian colla fiacca with a negative undertone, in Kotor, thanks to a specific mindset, turned to be the defining note of one’s lifestyle.

Today, everybody wants a little bit of kola fjaka 🙂 which means to slow down, and take it easy in life, to stop and enjoy every little bit whether it storms or is a sunny funny day, alone or with friends and family.


Kola fjaka people are of a generous kind. They are those that have always time for a friend or a friendly passerby, and want you to feel happy and sattisfied.

People of Kotor, and Montenegrins in general, are famous for their warmhearted readiness to dedicate themselves to other people.

Once, there was this custom to offer a visitor liquer in a bićerin (from italian bicchierino – the tiniest container you can imagine for serving alcohol to guests), a caffelatte and biscuits. It was a norm in every house.

Today, people from Kotor show the same hospitality. Some will fill bićerins with alcohol, insist on until seeing you tucking in homemade biscuits, cakes. Others will offer cold beer and a warm meal to share with you at their family table.


And rush is forbidden. You can accomplish everything you want during the day. But be realistic, which means find some (a lot of time) to hang out with friends and family, just to enjoy the life as it is in that very moment.

Meet Our Locals

Dolores Bonić

Jovan Martinović

Gracijela Čulić

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