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kotor montenegro

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Tourism Organisation of Kotor
kotor montenegro - perast

About Tourism Organisation of Kotor

Tourism Organisation of Kotor is located in one of the most charming historical tourist sites in Montenegro – the medieval town of Kotor, which is, due to its environmental, cultural and historical values, listed under UNESCO protection.

We are public institution established by the Municipality of Kotor. TO Kotor’s main purpose is promotion of authentic values of our town, organisation and promotion of events, encouraging and organising activities aimed at protecting and preserving the environment and cultural heritage.

Located at TO Kotor 315 Stari grad, 85330 Kotor, Montenegro, for any information, you may contact us at promo@tokotor.me, or by phone: +38232325947.


Your Official Guide to Kotor

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Rare are the bays in the world that resemble Boka Kotorska, be it by their origin, natural phenomena, rich and diverse cultural heritage. These particularities had long adorned it, attracting its visitors, but also numerous writers, poets and artists

Kotor – Špiljari – Žanjev Do Hiking Trail

Kotor - Špiljari - Žanjev Do Hiking Trail Author: Expedtitio View of the old Montenegrin serpentine road and the town of Kotor from the top of the mountain pass The difficulty of the trail is estimated medium, and it's advisable to start early in the morning. One third of the trail passes through a rich pine forest. This is one of the most attractive hiking trails in the Natural and Cultural-Historical Area of ​​Kotor Kotor-Njeguši-Cetinje. It has long been the [...]

Restobar Taraca

Restaurants / Restobar Taraca Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menu Restaurant "Taraca" is located in Tabačina and we are the only one in the city that offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, also with a large selection of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Content: Vegetarian / vegan / gluten free food Credit cards accepted Wi-Fi Access for persons with disabilities Alcoholic drinks Terrace by the river Pet friendly LGBTQ Safe Space Explore Tourist Offer in Kotor HISTORY [...]

Škurda Canyon

See and do / Canyoning Exciting Beauty of the Škurda Canyon Your perfect limestone adventure. Author:  Marko Janković Photo Source:  Slobodni penjači Cetinje Canyoneering includes hiking, walking, climbing, abseiling, swimming, and jumping off rocks in a natural and pristine environment. It also involves exploring hard-to-reach parts of nature, through which a river or stream passes. Canyoneering is also hiking through riverbeds of the mountain river canyons, which involves overcoming various obstacles by walking, jumping and swimming. Extreme canyoneering includes additional [...]

Kotor Walls

See & do / Kotor walls The best viewpoints over the bay   They are one of the main reasons for the inscription of this city and its natural and cultural-historical area on the list of world and natural heritage UNESCO 1979   Like the city itself, they were formed gradually, over the centuries, from the Illyrian hillfort to the present form defined during the 17th and 18th centuries. Walls are an example of a construction through understanding and respect [...]


Guides / Morinj Springs and forests   Place with longstanding, rich history written by skilled seamen, participants of numerous sea battles and achievements which helped open new merchant routes It is said that the archives of the Morinj and Kostanjica principalities have disappeared. Some documents were even used as wrapping paper in town shops. However, Morinj is mentioned as a village in Dalmatia first time in the 14th century. Legend has it that it was once called Dobro Selo (Good [...]


Guides / Stoliv Luxuriant nature of mount Vrmac   Stoliv is surrounded by chestnut tree forest. It is also a town where the camellia, far east flower brought to the bay by its sailors, took root The road leading along the coast, along the foot of the peninsula and mountain of Vrmac (768 m), takes you to Lower Stoliv – a village, on the north-eastern side of Vrmac peninsula, opposite to Perast. The village was created with the process of [...]


Photographs and stories of the old Kotor The old and new photographs present a tour of Kotor's vibrant history The North Gate The Sea Gate March 17, 2022 HISTORY IN PICTURES By Ivana Krivokapić The South Gate This city gate is located at the very southern end of the former main town street, which starts at the North Gate, and passes at the foot of the hill San Giovanni. This entrance even has a system of three READ MORE March [...]


Guides / Grbalj Beaches and coves of Luštica   In the west, the terrain turns into a steep coast with many coves and well-known beaches Grbalj Plain stretches for 15 km in the direction north-south and covers the area of around 95 km2. From the east, Grbalj Plain is enclosed with the slopes of Mount Lovćen, where there are the following villages: Dub, Sutvara, Nalježići, Pelinovo, Šišići, Prijeradi, Bratešići, Gorovići, Lastva Grbaljska, (za svako selo link I ponuda) all of [...]