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Orahovac Kotor

Orahovac and Dražin Vrt

Fishermen villages


Orahovac is known for its greenery, gravel beaches and maritime tradition

One of the jaw-dropping views of the Kotor bay one can enjoy from a rock near a church right up the village. In this church, named after the Saint George, there are frescoes from the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th century.

Similarly to Ljuta, Upper Orahovac was destroyed during the World War II. The houses were burnt down and the people were moved out.

Going towards Perast, standing up a long gravel beach, there is Bajo Pivljanin’s Tower that once belonged to this Montenegrin 17th century hero. As “haiduks’” chief, he would protect Kotor Bay from Turkish onslaughts, because of which he was rewarded by the Venetians.