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Sister Cities

The Sister Cities program advocates that every community, individual, organisation, be given the opportunity to contribute to international relations, and influence world peace. This is achieved through collaboration in the arts, music, youth programs, and other activities in which any individual or community-affiliated organisation can participate.

Despite the geographical distance, Kotor has established cooperation with the following cities. Many, like Kotor, due to their unique characteristics, are recognized as part of the world’s cultural heritage.


Cooastal town belonging to the Campobasso province, and the region of Molise. Due to the cultivation of vines and olives, Campomarino is a member of the national associations Città del vino and Città dell’olio. Campomarino is also one of the key tourist destinations in Molise and on the Adriatic, known for its sandy beaches.

Campomarino Official Page


One of the oldest cities in China famous for the archeological discovery of a collection of over 7,000 sculptures of terracotta warriors, and one of the four capitals of ancient China. Also, known as the starting point of the Silk Road caravan route. Today, Shi’an is the cultural, industrial, political and educational center of the central north-western region, with numerous institutions dedicated to space exploration and overall development.

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Historic city on the Adriatic coast, founded in the 3rd century AD. Known for its castle with a tower, and the old town famous for its narrow winding streets that are irresistibly reminiscent of Venetian, stone palaces, churches, squares.

Trogir Official Page


Regional center of the southeastern part of Hungary.

Szeged Official Page


The northernmost city in Vojvodina. Subotica is known for its delicious food and wine, festivals, events and concerts.

Subotica Official Page

Old Town, Belgrade

The old city center from which Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, developed.

Stari Grad Official Page


Another city on the Adriatic coast, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which, like Kotor, is famous for its rich history. The largest city in Dalmatia, and the second largest city in Croatia.

Split Official Page

Santa Barbara

City in the US state of California. Known for its universities, institutes, agricultural production, and Mediterranean climate, making it a favorite tourist destination

Santa Barbara Official Page


Social, administrative and cultural center, known for its beer production.

Prerov Official Page


Ohrid (Macedonia) – a city that once had 365 churches, one for each day, also known as the Balkan Jerusalem. This city is rich in picturesque houses and monuments, and is located on the lake of the same name.

Ohrid Official Page


Medieval city in central Portugal, not far from Lisbon. Known for the production of Ginjinha liqueur

Obidos Official Page


The largest and most famous summer resort in Bulgaria.

Nessebar Official Page


The Old Bridge in Mostar, a magnificent example of Islamic architecture in the Balkans, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built by the Ottomans in the 16th century and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mostar Official Page

Gornji Milanovac

Town on the slopes of the mountain Rudnik. One of the main industrial centers in Serbia.

Gornji Milanovac Official Page


Gastronomic capital of Turkey. It is included in the UNESCO list of creative gastronomy. Known for growing pistachios, and numerous recipes, the most famous of which is baklava, but also for the production of copper utensils. Gaziantep is the economic center of southeastern and eastern Turkey.

Gaziantep Official Page


Port and tourist center on the Adriatic. City listed as world heritage, thanks to its numerous historical monuments. Like Kotor, Dubrovnik is known for its medieval walls, and picturesque squares bordered by old stone villas. A historical meeting place of world influences, one of crucial destinations on caravan routes, an inspiration for artists both in the past and today.

Dubrovnik Official Page
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