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Spring Camp Montenegro 2022

Spring Camp Montenegro 2022

After having two years of internationally restricted travelling because of Covid-19 reasons, we are finally able to announce another International Spring Camp event in it’s regular duration of 10 day’s!

In 2020 and 2021, the Spring Camp events were organised in accordance with the ban on international travel. Events were organised in shorter terms, and most of the volunteers were locals or a rare foreign travelers who were temporarily “trapped” in Montenegro by travel restrictions.

Fortunately, this year the travelling is back, and we are pleased to invite all travelers from around the world interested in volunteer activities, outdoor adventures, and the nature and culture of Montenegro!

The gathering of volunteers in 2022 is on May 6 in Perast, and will last until May 15. Sleeping in first 3 overnights will be in private houses, while the rest of days the volunteers will sleep in tents. Work tools, transport and food are provided by the organisers. Minimum equipment a volunteer can bring: working / hiking clothes, rain gear, hiking boots and a sleeping bag.

Anyone with adventurous spirit who reads these lines and feels fit, is welcome to join us!

More information about the camp at https://springcamp.me/