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Od Božića до Божића (From Christmas to Christmas)

Od Božića до Божића (From Christmas to Christmas)

We are pleased to present you with our Christmas programme Od Božića do Božića (From Christmas to Christmas, referring to two traditions, Catholic and Orthodox) altogether with Children’s New Year’s Eve, in slightly different conditions comparing to previous years, considering the current pandemic situation.

In the spirit of yearly tradition, the gifts will be shared in nurseries, preschools and elementary schools in Kotor, and Institute for deaf and dumb Peruta Ivanović, by Santa and his little helpers.

Theatrical play for kids Bajka za nazdravlje will be performed in the Hospital on 30.12.
All visitors are invited to try our traditional Christmas Eve fritters called priganice on 24.12.and 6.1, and enjoy the music programme, as well as concerts performed by our Music High School students and Kotor brass band.

This year’s programme ends with bingo for fundraising in Gradska kafana Dojmi restaurant.

Also, we haven’t forgotten to pepare gifts for our senior fellow citizens in the Center for Elder Care Grabovac.

The programme is organised by Tourism Organisation of Kotor and NGO Karampana, and sponsored by the Municipality of Kotor, as well as many other friends and partners of our organisation.

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