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Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children starts tomorrow

kotorski festival pozorišta za djecu

Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children starts tomorrow

From 1. to 12.7.2021. Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children will present a magical world of acting, costumes, settings and props, and the joy of spontaneous creativity at specially designed workshops for children.

Motto that fits this year’s edition is Everything that grows would like to grow, and the goal is to awaken in children, but also parents, the world of games and musical notes “woven through imagination”.

Through the repertory, aiming at development of imagination, and “discovering a world with a special soul”, the child will get an opportunity to understand reality, but also to express her feelings, to experience the harmony of relationships between characters, but also storms of anger, joy and exiliration. One will get to know the demanding concepts of love, friendship, hope, loyalty, suffering, betrayal and hatred, but will also empathize, and ask many questions about the magical particles of life.

The Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children welcomes you!

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