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boka night kotor

Boka Night

Attraction and experience


By it’s features: uniqueness, skillfulness, creativity, knowledge and ability, “Boka Night“ gain the capacities of intangible cultural heritage, sending thus a message not only about its values, but also about all those things that make it unique in this, but also wider area. This is enough as an invitation to participate or experience this event

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Boka night

the last Saturday of August

Kotor Marina

Transmitted from Venice with regards to the content and the name – “Venetian Night“ at the end of the 18th century, relatively soon assumed the specificities of Kotor and its surroundings, from the type of boats participating in the floating parade, to specific features of the motifs in the decorations of the boat, illumination of Saint John hill and the coast of the surrounding settlements.

The specificities of this intangible cultural heritage were contributed by geographic and orographic features of the landscape, which enables easy viewing of the parade of decorated boats that take part 

in this event, as well as more efficient and more attractive illumination of the same for easier viewing and noticing the motifs and messages they try to get across.

A three-member jury appraises the motifs, messages, craftsmanship, attraction, originality of decorated boats. After the third passage of the boats in front of the jury, decision is made on the three best ranked boats.

Boka Night is held on the last Saturday of August, marking concurrently the end to summer events.