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Slobodni penjači Cetinje

Canyoneering / Slobodni penjači Cetinje

Slobod ni Penjači Cetinje Exploring The Škurda Canyon

Alpine sport club Slobodni penjači Cetinje started in 2015. However, it has been operating under the same name since 2013. In the last 9 years they organised many mountaineering, canyoning, speleology, snowboarding and hiking activities in general.

Among significant achievements of the club are the ascents to Mont Blanc (2015), Matternhorn Lion Ridge (2016), two attempted ascents to North face Eiger (2017 and 2018), Monch (2018). All of the endeavors we believe that our greatest achievment are climbs in the Alps. Considering everything, we have climbed over 150 dry and ice climbing routes in lenght of 70 to 1200 meters.

We have been doing canyoning since 2015, and organised, commercial canyoning tours as well as well for already 5 years. Also, we organise commercial tours in 7 Montenegrin canyons: Škurda canyon, Međuriječki canyon, Nevidio canyon, Vruća rijeka, Rikavac canyon, Bogutovski canyon and Grlje Canyon. On average, we do about 50 tours a year in the canyons of Montenegro.

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