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škurda canyon hall

Škurda Canyon

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." - Amelia Earhart

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Exciting Beauty of the Škurda Canyon

Your perfect limestone adventure.
One of the Škurda Canyon halls

Author:  Marko Janković

Photo Source:  Slobodni penjači Cetinje

Canyoneering includes hiking, walking, climbing, abseiling, swimming, and jumping off rocks in a natural and pristine environment. It also involves exploring hard-to-reach parts of nature, through which a river or stream passes. Canyoneering is also hiking through riverbeds of the mountain river canyons, which involves overcoming various obstacles by walking, jumping and swimming.

Extreme canyoneering includes additional use of mountaineering equipment.

The river Škurda canyon is located near the Old Town of Kotor. On its short and steep course, Škurda has carved a mountain riverbed with many waterfalls, carved walls and beautiful waterfalls through the Lovćen karst, making it ideal for canyoning activities.

It is considered vertical canyon due to its twenty verticals that vary from 4 to 27 meters in height. The river Škurda also separates the old part of the city of Kotor from the new one.

The river source is located on the mountain Lovćen, and the canyon is passable throughout the year except during periods of heavy rain.

The canyon is about 2 km long, and it takes about 6 hours to descend. The route is very demanding, both technically and physically. Due to the large number of high walls, it is necessary to use special equipment all the time, such as ropes, helmets, belts and other mountaineering equipment.

The walk to the point of entry into the canyon is equally interesting. It moves along the serpentines of the old caravan road Kotor – Njeguši. The Kotor hinterland is interspersed with hiking trails. Even near the Old Town there are about thirty well-marked and safe trails. In addition to the natural beauties that can be seen on these trails, one can also enjoy the cultural heritage from the period of Austro-Hungarian rule.

Accessibility is of a particular interest. While in most cases canyons can be found in remote places in the interior of mountains, the Škurda canyon is within reach of the urban core, and just a few hundred meters from the Old Town. That’s the reason for its popularity among devotees of active tourism.

One of the great advantages of exploring Škurda is that the canyon is already well equipped with technical equipment. There are anchors set in the stone by experienced canyoning teams. Ropes are fed through the anchors, and the abseil is all set up.

The Škurda canyon offers amazing, untouched nature and a memorable experience.

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