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Ocean Lava Welcome Dinner

Ocean Lava Welcome Dinner

Tonight (May 13) starting at 20.00, the City Café Dojmi will host a welcome dinner for all participants in the Ocean Lava Montenegro 2022 race. Many catering facilities, public institutions and NGOs from Kotor will prepare dishes and sweet delicacies. On this occasion we are inviting all triathlon participants from previous years, to display their flags they already have.


As in previous years, meal preparation support is provided by:

City Café Dojmi

Sladoja Butcher and Marenda steak house

Business Center D Event Vukšić

Perper Fishery

The Square Pub

Sandrela Fast Food

Dekaderon Pescaria

City Restaurant

Bastion 3 Restaurant 

Hippocampus Hotel

Monte Cristo Hotel 

Bokun Snack Bar

Pržun Restaurant

Scala Santa Tavern

Astoria Hotel

Siempre Caffe pizzeria

Piper groceries

Café Forza 

Café San Giovanni Kotor

Pronto Pizzeria

Regina del Gusto Restaurant

Roma Tavern 

Cesare Old Town Restaurant

Sara Pizzeria

Trpeza Tavern

Tanjga Steak & BBQ House


Caffe Pizzeria Sapori

“Dr Peruta Ivanović” Resource Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

“Grabovac” Risan Senior Resource Center

“Radost” Preschool

“Žene Risna” NGO

“Karampana” NGO

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