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Liset Rios de Kuhar

Liset Rios de Kuhar

I am glad your travels will take you to around Kotor and gorgeous Montenegro. I am certain you will love your visit to Kotor, and all the other areas of this small, however breathtakingly beautiful country, just like I did before it became the place I now call home!
Let me tell you a bit about myself, I visited Montenegro for the first time over ten years ago, when my boyfriend asked me to visit his country and “meet the family”. I fell in love with the place right away. Its wild and pristine beauty, in combination with the strong historical heritage, amazed me, especially when most of us didn’t know about Montenegro (too many changes during the last 30 years, we will go though it in detail once we are together).
Anyway, back then we visited most of the country during our stay. My hubby wanted to show off his amazing home country, and yes he did! Back then in 2005 we promised Montenegro would be part of our future.
Now Kotor is our home, I’m happy to say I have been a local and an Official Licensed Tour Guide for about a decade! (License N.831) I am also  a member of Montenegro Tour Guides Association, getting my license and working as a private tour guide was definitely one of the best decisions we have ever taken.
There is no better way than having a local professional and fellow traveler making sure you enjoy your valuable time, over the years you can see that guests’ recommendations are the best way to feel appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at lisetrioskuhar@gmail or on Instagram
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