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Carnival Festivities 2022 In Kotor 24-28 February

kotor carnival 2022

Carnival Festivities 2022 In Kotor 24-28 February


This year’s Kotor winter carnival festivities will last from Thursday, February 24, to Monday, February 28.

The Kotor Winter Carnival is a unique traditional event with a special significance owing to its centuries-old tradition.

The Traditional Kotor Carnival starts on Thursday, February 24, with music and fancy-free program called “For Kotor people”, at 18:00 in front of the Main City Gate.

The program will continue with a kid’s masquerade party in Kamelija shopping mall on Friday, February 25th, at 5:30 p.m.

“Story of the Kotor Carnival” masquerade prom by Dolores Bonić Fabian Gašler will be organised on Saturday 26.2, while the carnival music program is planned for 11.00. Fundraising raffle will be played on the terrace of the City Café “Dojmi” starting from 11.30 am.

Sunday is dedicated to the greatest feast. Led by the carnival cap, the carnival procession will follow the traditional route starting from the outdoor pool at 2 pm and reaching Maceo, after which the culprit for all the troubles of Kotor will be burned, as tradition dictates.

After the end of the carnival procession on the Arms Square, we prepared a diverse music program. The band “Tri kvarta” will perform from 16.00, followed by “The grupa” from 17.30, “Nitro” from 19.00 and the ensemble “Toć” from 20.30.

The program will be closed with a gnocchi making competition called “Oli ti ga njokada” organised by Kamelija shopping mall on Monday, February 28, starting at 19.00.

On the second day of the carnival, the satirical newspaper “Karampana” will traditionally be published. Anyone can be content contributor by inserting the copy in the box provided for this purpose at the Tourist Organisation of Kotor Info Desk in front of the main city gate.

The event is organised by the Tourism Organisation of Kotor, NGO “Karampana” and NGO “Festa” with the support of the Kotor Municipality.

We invite all carnival groups, schools, pre-schools, all fans of good entertainment to come in disguise and increase the fun with their presence.

We will inform you about the traffic suspension and all other details in time!

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