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Kotor events Our Lady of the Rock


Building an island



Fašinada constitutes a special symbiosis of the custom and practical maintenance of the artificial island of Our Lady of the Rock.

Fašinada is a unique event related to the origin of the island of Our Lady of the Rock.

Legend has it that the island was created after Mortešić brothers from Perast on 22nd July 1452 had found on a rock the icon with the Mother of God holding baby Jesus.

In the 15th century, a small church was built there, only inadequate for the number of believers who would come there. For that reason, it was decided to start dumping stones around the rock so as to create an island with a larger area.

This idea was successfully realized, not only by dumping stones but only by sinking the old sailing ships filling them with stones. In this way, artificial island was created with the area of 3 000 m2 where in 1630 the church was erected, with the eight-sided dome mounted in 1722.


To commemorate the origin of the island, every year on 22nd July, at sunset, parade of decorated boats filled with stones, with only men on board, departs from the eastern part of Perast. The parade is headed by the priest and singers who sing two special songs of “bugarštica” type.

Upon reaching the north-western side of the Town of Perast, opposite the island, the convoy of boats directs towards the island. In the immediate vicinity of the island, boats form a circle and dump the stones, as a symbol of the origin of the island, but also with the purpose of its consolidation.

The stated cultural properties, thanks to their long tradition, rarity or uniqueness, got their place on the list of protected cultural properties, and it is to be expected that the same will find their way onto the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage List, which is a special recommendation for paying visits to them.

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