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Local cuisine


The recognizability of the gastronomic offer from Kotor is linked to a set of local dishes whose recipes went under different influenc­es, but dominated by Mediterranean tasty notes.

Among the specialties there are various kinds of sea fish, seafood prepared in many ways, as well as nu­merous types of pasta, rice, as well as a large variety of vegetables in main courses and salads, all enriched with the finest olive oil and plentiful kinds of spices. The culinary scene of Kotor was under the influence of global trends, preserving the best of the past and keeping the good old recipes. Coastal lifestyle has condi­tioned the development of fishing, the fertile land in the surrounding area has enabled the cultiva­tion of vegetables and the olive trees, while the spices were brought from overseas. Traditional recipes are adapted to modern cuisine, so today restaurants of Kotor offer a rich choice not only of fish, but of meat, and also of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The City Marketplace is a place where you will feel the strong smell of freshly picked fruit and vegetables from the farms in the rural surroundings of Kotor – rich olive groves and a specific type of tomato. Olive oil is a spe­cial Mediterranean preciousness that domestic producers offer on the marketplace, as it is a food supplement in all good restaurants. Special attention is given to locally grown food producers of eggplants, asparagus, arugula and greens, while the most recognizable lo­cally grown fruits are figs, nuts, tangerines, oranges, lemons, apples, plums and numerous varieties of grapes. Production of honey is an activity of numerous house­holds which is done in a traditional manner.

What certainly attracts the most attention in the piece of authentic offer is the dessert, particularly the specific kind almond cake from Dobrota and a local flan cake. The most inter­esting dessert of all is Kotor’s cremeschnitte – a creamy yellow cake with three crusts, a magical taste obtained through a traditional recipe that is being handed down from generation to gen­eration. The ideal experience of local gourmet offer includes enjoyment of specialties outdoors, particularly along the sea shore, as well as on the terraces of the city squares, with the sound of good street classical or jazz music. If you are a wine lover, rich offer of red and white local wines, as well as those of the world’s most fa­mous producers, will perfectly match your meal. In case you prefer beer, you can choose from a wide selection of different types of local and international offerings, and for those who love true tastes and rich aromas, there is a variety of craft beers, especially local ones.

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