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A stay of up to 90 days is possible in Montenegro based on a visa for short stay or without a visa. Visa is not required for citizens of the EU, the USA, Russia, Japan and Israel, as well as the surrounding countries.



All foreign citizens without registered residency are obliged to report their stay and change of address at the checkpoints of the Tourism Organization of Kotor within 24 hours of arrival. If you are staying in a hotel or private accommodation, this will be done by the owners.

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Checkpoints of the Tourism Organization of Kotor for registration of tourists:

- Old Town +382 67 / 102 - 180

- Saint Stasije +382 68 / 820 - 812

- Risan +382 68 / 820 - 489

- Prcanj +382 68 / 820 - 814

- Dobrota - Saint Matija +382 68 / 820 - 490



If you are planning a mountaineering tour that involves crossing the border at unofficial crossing points (for example, in Prokletije, Hajla, Ljubišnja, Kamena Gora, Maglic, Orjen...) you have to comply with the legal procedure.

When planning the exit from Montenegro beyond the border crossing points, make a request to the Border Police Officer responsible for the district (contact in the attachment) and they will provide you with timely feedback. The competent Border Police Unit will, in cooperation with the neighboring state border police, provide all the necessary conditions for your unhindered and safe crossing and inform you thereof.

The application can be submitted for groups as well as for individual border crossings.

If you are not sure which district belongs to the area you are applying for, please send your request by mail to:

In addition to the completed form, a scanned travel document should also be sent by mail.

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