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Grbalj is area situated between Budva and Lustica peninsula. On the east, it borders with Lovcen mountain, while on the west, it is separated from the Adriatic Sea by hills. It consists of villages in Gornji Grbalj (Dub, Sutvara, Nalježići, Pelinovo, Šišići, Pijeradi, Bratešići, Gorovići and Lastva Grbaljska (old village)) and villages in Donji Grbalj (Pobrđe, Vranovići, Lješevići, Bigova, Kubasi, Kovači, Krimovica, Glavati, Glavatičići, Višnjeva and Zagora). Grblja also owns two settlements Radanovići and Lastva Grbaljska and four hamlets Ukropci, Trešnjica, Seoce and Svinjišta.

Grbalj also has some of the most beautiful Montenegrin beaches, such as Jaz, Trsteno, Zukovica, Zagorski pijesak and Ploce.

The Adriatic Highway passes through Grbalj, and its proximity contributed to the migration of a certain part of the population, mostly from the villages of Gornji Grbalj to the valley after the 1979 earthquake.

This region is a significant agricultural area. Southern part of the valley consists of orchards, vineyards and gardens.

Grbalj also has many sacral objects and the most important one is Podlastva monastery, located in Lastva Grbaljska. This monastery was, according to some written sources, built by the Emperor Dusan in 1350, on the site of an early Christian church from the V century.

Apart from many sandy and stone beaches, with exceptionally clear and transparent sea, there is also a fishing village Bigova, a settlement which is a special story for itself.

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