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Dražin Vrt is a little settlement located between Orahovac and Perast. What is distinctive about this place is that merely a bit over a dozen of its houses brought us numerous famous sea captains, exceptional navigators, warriors and poets. The most distinguished personality among them is Milos Vukasovic, a maritime architect whose name is tied to the construction of the most beautiful ships in Argentina in the period from 1870 to 1908.

One of the most beautiful and attractive beaches in Boka Bay is located in Drazin Vrt. A pebble beach ‘’Bajova kula’’ was named after a historical monument built at this site. Bajova kula (Bajo’s Tower) was built in XVII century by a famous freedom fighter Bajo Pivljanin and it had a defensive role. Today, the tower sits above a beautiful 60 meter long beach with a restaurant and a clear blue sea water.


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