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Bigova is a small fishing village on the Montenegrin coast, a part of Kotor Municipality. It is 13 km away from Kotor and 5 km away from Tivat Airport. Geographical position of Bigova is very favorable since it is also close to Budva.

The main occupation of the locals in Bigova has always been fishing, but today a large number of inhabitants also work in tourism and hospitality. One of the advantages of Bigova is isolation from city noise and crowds. In addition to this, this settlement has numerous beaches and restaurants with always fresh sea food delights. Hinterland of Bigova coast is rich with vineyards, old olive gardens and other agricultural fields.

Bigova is situated in Traste cove, and therefore makes a suitable marina for boats, yachts and sailboats, since it offers them shelter from wind and rough sea.

Some of the best known landmarks in Bigova are Grabovac fortress, an Austro-Hungarian fortification from the XIX century and St Nicholas Chruch. Grabovac is located at 255 m above sea level and offers phenomenal views of Tivat Bay and Solila.

There is a big project underway in this settlement, called Bigova Bay, which represents a luxurious resort with a large number of restaurants, hotels and a marina. This development will significantly improve the tourism offer of this small fishing village.

The main summer event in Bigova is Fisherman’s Night, which has been taking place since 1996. Apart from the locals, this event gathers also many tourists who can enjoy in music, delicious local dishes and wine.

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