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  • Turistička organizacija Kotor
  • Turistička organizacija Kotor
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Virtuelna Tura Kotor


Pogledajte Virtuelnu turu Kotora

Kotor - Juene Depuis des scieles

Kotor - Juene Depuis des scieles

Kotor – Jeune depuis des siècles



Explore Cross-border Aquatic Biodiversity – EXChAngE

About project

  • Project title and acronym: Explore Cross-border Aquatic Biodiversity – EXChAngE
  • Description of the project: Project is developing a new cross-border tourism product – the Blue Pass, which enables visits of new thematic routes: Dubrovnik and Aquarium (CRO), Kotor and Aquarium Boka (M

Kotor for


In the domain of tourist and entertainment offers we will mention the contents that Kotor offers visitors a lot of entertainment that can be found in cafe bars, discos and open evenings. Disco Maximus, with frequent musical performances, but also ...


Kotor is an attractive place for all ages, also for children. The old town is interesting and safe for children and adults, and offers various entertainment and educational facilities. During the summer season we recommend activities for children: ..


You may already know that Kotor with its surroundings is a real jewel for marking special moments in life, and marriages are certainly at the top of that list. The old town of Kotor is like a filmmaker and the film is romantic ...


Srednjovjekovni utvrđeni grad Kotor smješten je na samom kraju Bokokotorskog zaliva. Nije poznato kada je nastalo najranije naselje na mjestu današnjeg grada. U antičkom periodu se na mjestu današnjeg Kotora...


Kotor Tourism

Kotor cruise


The number of cruisers to visit Kotor increases from year to year. Kruzer companies that are regular visitors to our port: Carnival PLC Trading as Princes Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, RCCL, Cristal Cruise, MSC, Princes Cruises, TUI, Silver Sea Criises LTD, GCCL FLEET 1, West Wind Ltd, Blue Line International, Crosimer, Regent ss Cruise, Seabourn Cruise Line, Helios Shipping, Compagnie du Ponant, Majesty Trading LLC, Harmony G Meriting Company, Paul Ganguil Cruise, Ocean Cruises, Sea Cloud Cruises, Azamara Cruises, Star Cliper, Sea Dream Club, Pan Yachting NEPA, Variety Cruises, Hapag-Lioyd Ltd, MS Albatros Shipping, Fondation BELEM, Iberian Cruceros, Fred Olsen Cruise Line, Running on Waves LTD Shipping SA, V Ship Leisure SAM, Swan Hellenic, Majesty International Cruises, Adriatic Cruises.

kotor ronjenje


The club was founded in 2008 and has 14 members. Club facilities are at the Kotor water polo club Primorac. Every year, the club takes part at the local level to clean the gulf underwater. We organize joint diving both in the bay and beyond. The club intends to open the first diving school in Kotor for the first time and thus tries to contribute to the dampening of this sport in our city.

kotor ploca


Risan is the oldest settlement in Boki. It is already mentioned in the 3rd century p.n.e. as an Illyrian fortress. According to the legend, in Risna, under the stars of the Romans, he found the refuge of Illyrian Queen Teuta. In Risan there are mosaics from the Roman period, created at the end of the 2nd and the beginning of the 3rd century n.e. In the middle of the mosaic there is a play of the god of Hipnosa, the only figure of that deity on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Risan is one of the largest archaeological sites in our area, especially its part across the Teuta Hotel, called Carina. The church of Sv. Peter and Paul, from the 18th century. Near Risna is also the Monastery of Banja, built at the beginning of the 18th century, with a rich collection of icons, Risanski iconographic school Dimitrijević - Rafailović. Not far from Risna, there is a place called Lipci which is famous for its prehistoric drawings painted on a rock, where there are a series of deaf beasts performing on the go, moving from left to right. The motifs are divided into two lines, and several geometric motifs are painted next to them. All the performances were made by sticking the clay on the surface of the rock. These drawings originate from the Iron Age, around 800 BC p.n.e.

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„Zovu Bokom onaj čarobni zalijev u koji se spuštaju i tonu kršovita i skoro nepristupna brda južne Hercegovine i Crne Gore. Kažu ljudi, koji svijet obađu, da je taj jedan od najljepših položaja zemlje; i zbilja bi rekao da se je ovdje priroda igrala kad je svoje čudesno djelo na mahove stvarala” (Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša)

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