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Boka Night

Boka Night

The traditional event Boka Night, recognised as an intangible heritage asset, will take place on Saturday, August 20, 2022, starting at 9 p.m. The beginning of the event will be announced by the Town Band concert carried by boat, and sailboats of the Lahor Sailing Club.

35 decorated small boats and rafts tugged by bigger boats, will be presented to the audience and the jury, competing for prizes worth EUR 4,000.00, as follows:

– first place – 1,500.00 euros

– second place – 1,000.00 euros

– the third place – 500.00 euros

– the consolation prize – up to 1000.00 euros likely divided between several contestants.

After the crowning of the winners, there will be a fireworks display, and the fiesta will continue in the Old town squares.

The Town Band is moving from the sea to the Old town to announce the concerts of local bands.

Images by Ranko Maraš via Facebok

Image by Radoje Milić via BokaNews

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